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March 21st 2006

    Memorial Day 2006 is on the way!  What are the details, you ask?  Well:

Date: Monday, May 29th

Time: 3:00 PM

Place: 2207 Highland Avenue (click for directions)


    Salt Potatoes, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs and more will be served with a smile.  Everyone is asked to bring a deliciously prize-worthy dish to pass, and kids of all ages are welcome to attend!  Bring Your Own Beverages, and maybe a little extra to shareÖ


    Teams of two will once again meet on the field of battle, determined to avoid being the ones who drop their egg first.  Plus, in the interest of fairness, we have added a game requiring No Athletic Skill Whatsoever!  If you donít win a T-shirt this year, itís your own fault.


Call or e-mail for questions, directions, or to RSVP

(315) 724-1584 or (315) 527-6568 or MemorialDay@leuthauserfamily.net


January 10th 2006

Yearly Newsletter 2005

Welcome to the Leuthauser Familyís 2005 Yearly Newsletter! Since this is our first newsletter, one might expect it to be short. On the other hand, we have had quite the year. Allow us to tell you about it:


    My arrival has transformed this household from simply a couple to a family. I decided to drop in a little early, just for fun. On the 5th of January I finally got a good look at my parents, and decided to keep them.
    Both Mom and Dad took time off from work at the beginning, which was good since I didnít want them wasting time on sleep. They had spent a lot of time getting my nursery ready, and seemed happy to add the finishing touch: me. As nice a room as it is, I still prefer to cuddle with Mom and Dad whenever I get the chance. Iím told that Iím an exceptionally happy baby, and a constant joy to everyone I meet. I smile often, laugh occasionally, and cry only when absolutely necessary. Modesty aside, my parents couldnít ask for a better baby.
    I just had the big one-year party, and it was a blast. I am adorable in every way, which of course you know since a picture of me directed you to this website. Iím currently working on learning to walk and talk, and have been stomping around a little since New year's Day. I havenít learned how to use a computer yet, but if Dad would just let me play with that laptop of his Iím sure that I could figure it out in no time. Mom, Dad, and I loved my first Christmas with family and friends.


    After almost two months being on maternity leave, it was difficult for me to go back to work. I missed Alexander a lot, and I was also working all day and not sleeping at night. The curse of the working mother with a newborn, I guess. We are fortunate enough to have a wonderful daycare provider next door, affectionately known as Mama Jenn. I still work at Bristol-Myers-Squib in Syracuse. Though I love my job, the commute can be difficult. I am desperately trying to balance work life, church life, and home life, and occasionally make it to the gym (however infrequent that might be).
    We have also been fortunate enough to help many of our friends celebrate milestones of their own this year, from engagements to weddings to starting families of their own. We are blessed with an abundance of close friends and loving family, all of which keep us happy and busy.


    As for myself, Iíve had a year full of changes. I decided to leave Oneida County after almost seven years of full-time employment and return to school. Iím currently enrolled at MVCC, majoring in Human Services, and frantically trying to remember how to write a research paper a week. So far, the grades are good, and almost all assignments have been turned in (generally on time). Hopefully, youíll all be getting invitations to a graduation party in Fall of 2006, but weíll see how things shake out.
    Our big project this Summer/Fall was having our living room & dining room combined and remodeled. We had the work done mostly by a contractor, though Adrienne installed a new laminate floor almost solo. I decided to paint the room a beautiful shade of orange-red, and Adrienne decided to hate it. She has come to embrace the finished room, however, and all three of us love spending time in our newly-insulated space.
    Memorial Day went off without a hitch this year, with the Gould family and their kin sweeping the ďathleticĒ events as usual. I need to make friends with a couple of Olympians, or something.
    The Halloween party was nearly a bust, but luckily Jay and Alison stepped in and took over when bronchitis put me on the bench. My costume won me a coveted t-shirt at last, as long as I agreed to put it on immediately (see photo page).
    Our whole family wishes you and yours many happy days to come!

March 3rd 2005

    Alexander's dedication will be Sunday, March 13th at 10:00 AM, held at Tabernacle Baptist Church.  The church is in downtown Utica, and directions can be found HERE if you need them.  Casual brunch at our house at 12:00 noon, following the service.  Come to one, come to both, just try and let us know ahead.


January 5th 2005

    Alexander Mark Leuthauser was born.  See photo page for details!