Leuthauser Family Photos & News


    It's been nine months since I've updated this web page.  For many of you are wondering how I could be so lazy.  Those of you with children, of course, are wondering how I've found time to feed and bathe myself, much less update the web page.

    In any case, making the thumbnails is the most time-consuming part, so from now on just click the descriptions to load the full-size pictures.  They're fairly large files, though, so dialup users might want to think twice (as they kill mastodons with their mighty clubs and grunt to each other in their caves).

Egg Toss Teams Small Boy, Big Chair
Mark's Halloween Costume Alexander's Halloween Costume
A Family Duet Christmas Morning 1
Christmas Morning 2 Alexander Topping The Tree
Our Family's Christmas Picture Alexander's First Birthday Cake
A Slice of Said Cake Alexander's Favorite Birthday Present
Alexander's Calvin Klein Pose 1 Alexander's Calvin Klein Pose 2
A Bugger and His Bike Bathtime for Bugger